Use Twitter to Generate Sales

Twitter is the second most powerful social media platform. Lots of businesses use it for generating sales. The question is how you can use it to generate sales. Let’s have a look at every feature of twitter which can help you in expanding you online sales via twitter.

Why does twitter matters?

Twitter is a micro blogging service that enables user to send personal updated of up to 140 characters called “tweets”. B2B companies enable social sales with long sales cycles. Timing can be everything when it comes to sales. Your success requires you to know your market, organization and selling strategies. There are thousand of profiles on Twitter that can tell you about your industry. Twitter gives you insight into your target audience, nothing in the history told as much about a prospect as twitter does.

Terminologies of Twitter


Each of the twitter post is known as TWEET. Each tweet has maximum limit of 140 characters.

2. at (@)

@ sign is used to mention a user

3. Hash tag (#)

# symbol is used to mark keyword or topic. See the image under Tweet heading.

4. RT (Retweet)

Used by twitter to show that you are tweeting something, that was posted by another user.

5. DM (Direst message)

Enables you to send privet message to a person you are following of 140 characters.

Profile Optimization

First of all you need to choose a Twitter Name; it is your band so choose it intelligently. Next thing you need to consider is your photo, people trust smiling faces that they see often. So, use a photo of you with big, beautiful smile.

Next is you bio on twitter, tell people where do you work, what is your position there, your interests and add some humor. In the “link” you should put link to your blog (if any), company’s home page or link to your linked in profile.

Build Your Community

To make it short I’m just going to point out the essential steps you should take to build your community.

Find the topic that is relevant to you Business

Dedicate yourself to the related topics to increase your credibility.

Tweet content that will interest your targeted audience.

Engage your audience in a way which can increase you follower base, experiment it.

What to Tweet

It can be related blog post, news of your industry or company. Don’t forget to put hash tags so that your target audience can find you while searching for the topic.

Twitter List as source of building community.

It is a great source of building you community of potential prospects. When a person’s list is public you can follow it if it defines your target market.

Don’ts of Twitter as a Seller

Don’t create awkward situations

Don’t buy followers

Don’t use automated software’s

Don’t be stupid

Don’t tell people what they don’t want to hear

Target Your Audience

Target the keywords which are used by you market, and are related to your niche

Help you prospects to spread their news, they will appreciate it and return the favor

Creating Lists

Step1:  Navigate your lists page through the profile drop down menu in the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Click create list.

Step 3: Enter the name of list, description and select the privacy.

Step 4: Click SAVE LIST

Importance of List: List curates all of your potential prospects into one feed so you can see and hear exerting they tweet.

Should have lists:

Companies of your industry


Potential prospects



Applications to make Twitter productive:

Sprout Social

Sprout Social integrates with twitter and other networks. Sprout social offers contact management, competitive analysis, lead generation, reporting, analysis and mote. It a affordable and can be used by people who have good understanding of Twitter


TweetDeck is by Twitter and is very helpful for researching about your topics. It is a desktop application which is easy to use. Main features are tweet scheduling, easy accesses to information about you twitter account, you can keep an eye on your competitors. Beginners can use it easily, without facing any problem and the most important thing is, it is FREE to use.


It is useful for managing multiple accounts over different devices and it is easy to use for beginners.


It works for almost all the devices. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and FourSquare can be used in hootsuit. It is one of the most used and popular social media application.


InsideView is leader in sales intelligence and social selling. InsideView social media features allowing sales professionals to view their Facebook pages, twitter profiles and blogs and it is empowered with list building features. InsideView is helpful with all experience levels

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Warda Khan is Online Marketing Expert and owner of She is very passionate about Online Marketing an is a student of Bs. Statistics.
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