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Hi guys hope you all are doing well. Recently Facebook launched new service its called Facebook messaging system. It brings each and everything to identical place like chat information, Messaging and email. You can get your name email something like that “[email protected]”.

Since Facebook has deprecated XFBML, there are several features that are not working with the old FBML code. There is one very common feature/technique used among Fan Pages that is Reveal Tab. In this technique you show different screen to Non-Fans and different screen to Fans. In the FBML days you could have done with few lines of FBML code, but now that is not the case.

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This is second part of our Facebook Application Development from Scratch series. You may read part one of the series here. In this part we will learn, how to get authentication for your Facebook Applications. More specifically, we will learn:

  • Creating an instance of a PHP Class
  • Getting session information of Facebook logged-in user
  • Getting User ID of Facebook User
  • Getting login URL for authentication purpose
  • Using FBML redirect tag

Today, we are starting a series of tutorials for Facebook Application development from scratch. In this series of tutorials, we will develop a fully functional Facebook application. The idea behind our application is simple enough, in this application users will be able to share cakes with their friends, cakes could be posted on users’ or users’ friends wall. Users will also be able to invite their friends to this application. After completing this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Setup a Facebook Application
  • Use Facebook Authentication for aplications
  • Learn FBJS
  • Learn Facebook Graph API
  • Learn how to post data on users wall using Facebook Application
  • Learn how to post data on users’ friends wall using Facebook Application
  • Create a custom tab for your application




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