How to find Do-follow blogs

How to find dofollow blogs using Google image search

As per the method· will be easier to just use a Google search for blogs image that says: “U Comment, I follow” to find your comments will be more than worth the price posted on the blog that’s called do-follow. These links build your Page Rank.


You can follow below method step by step


How to find do-follow blogs step-1


How to find do-follow blogs step-2


Click on any website and comment in it all links are do follow

How to find dofollow blogs step-3


with this step you can get millions of do follow blog

How to find dofollow blogs step-4

Another alternative of this technique is searching for the “U Comment I Follow” file names honestly. Below are some examples:

  • ifollowblue.gif, ifollowgreen.gif, ifollowltgreen.gif, ifollowpink.gif, ifollowpurple.gif, ifolloworange.gif, ifollowwhite.gif, ifollowmagenta.gif
  • ifollow-blue.gif, ifollow-red.gif, ifollow-green.gif
  • utrackback_ifollow.gif
  • ifollow.gif, ifollow.jpg, ifollow.png

These step are very easy and useful now you are able to find dofollow comments using Google image search

There are a million additives to try to get them. They are worth it if you can find inside the box. This comprehensive guide to more than a tip.


100% would not return to the blog, of course, a small percentage of the blogs to show them. Some manual work to make sure that they are still really NOFOLLOW blog or not to see the source code if required.

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  7. Dam Bau says:

    ur article that all im finding. thanks u so much.
    but i try it, so much web still have nofollow, is something else can do it more extracly ?

  8. Ali Ahmed says:

    With this trick you can find only do follow blog.
    because with these steps Google read only dofollow blogs

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    It’s easy to find dofollow blogs, just hard to find quality dofollow blogs to comment on!

  16. Ali Ahmed says:

    Just find dofollow blog then grab all URLS from same domain, check bulk pr
    Then you can get some high quality links

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    Friend Can u please explain how to make backlinks from a forum????
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  37. Ali Ahmed says:

    There are lot of forums that are do follow
    Just go to forums signup and make a signature with your keyword
    Now just make some useful post.
    It will really works

  38. IT Support London says:

    Thanks Ehmad, hadn’t thought about using image search to find these types of linking opportunites.

  39. Mobile Prices Pakist says:

    Certainly agree, even if you do website design, you will notice that everything works better in both FF, Chrome, Safari, etc. IE seems to do everything their own way and cares little about CSS, it seems. Even IE9 which was supposed to address many issues seems at the time of FF was 2 years ago lol!

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