Google Alerts: The Best way to stalk your competitors online

You can not underestimate the power of online marketing today; your competitors are generating massive sales with the help of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (Adwords, Bing Ads, etc), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and with many other ways. In the war of competition your competitors will try their best to win or in other words they will try their best “to make you lose”. In this online competition you don’t want your competitor to win all the battles. Do you?

It is obvious that the Bad Boys (your competitors) are stalking you, actually they have to. Why? The answer is Simple! Because they want to be successful. Now, you have two very firm reasons to stalk the Bad Boys.

There are lots of ways in which you can stalk your competitors online but Google Alerts will work best for you if you are working on SEO for your business website. A smart SEO worker will always optimize the website for Google first and by the help of Google Alert you can have a bird-eye view on the Bad Boys.

Now let me tell you how you can stalk you competitors with the help of Google Alert.

Keep an eye on your keywords:

For SEO campaign your first step will be keyword research, and then you do On Page SEO and then link building. Well, this is obvious, after getting the ranking you can start keeping an eye on your each keyword and the SERPs for them.

Fill this simple form, you can choose to get alerts in your inbox or feed of alerts. I’m sure you are smart enough to fill this form on your own. Let’s continue with the stalking.

 Keep Tabs On your Competitors:

If you know SEO well then you can identify a keyword in seconds after having a look at a web page where back link has been created. Put the web address of your Bad Boy in the simple form of Google Alerts and be updated.

Find new profitable keyword

When you will create an alert for the web address of your competitor or a keyword you can identify similar, related and profitable keywords of your niche, as I have already mentioned that a SEO expert can easily do it.

Stalking will be easy for you and guilt free if you have some solid reasons to do it, let me know if you have some more reasons to stalk the bad boys.

Happy Stalking

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Warda Khan is Online Marketing Expert and owner of She is very passionate about Online Marketing an is a student of Bs. Statistics.
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