3 Rules to Roulette You May Not Know

The predominantly red and black roulette wheel and table layout draw curious onlookers and diehard addicts to this popular game of chance.  Casinos around the world feature this French game, which has been around since the 18th Century.  The current version of the game, originally played in Paris, was established around 1796.  Today, roulette’s basic rules are observed internationally, with only a handful of distinguishable rules between the American and European versions.

Basically, the game of roulette involves the player placing bets on the table or board either on numbers or categories.  The dealer spins the ball and everyone waits in anticipation as the ball drops into a slot with corresponding numbers.  Players can place their bets on inside numbers, outside categories, or both.

Inside bets include all the numbers, including the zero and double zero.  Players can bet on single numbers or split them, betting on two, three, four, five, or six numbers at a time.  The payouts increase as less numbers are covered up by each bet.

Outside bets include various categories.  These even, push bets include red or black, odd or even, and first or second half.  There are outside bets that pay two to one, including those which cover each column or third.

Simply from observation, alone, beginners can easily pick up on the basics of roulette. The game is easy to follow and can provide a great deal of entertainment.  There are many serious roulette players who strategize and think deeply about each and every move.  In addition, many online casino roulette strategies can be found on the Internet today.

There are, however, a few rules that are not well known to some roulette players.  They are not usually discussed in the open and many don’t know to ask about them.  In some situations, they may prove handy and save some money and afford them a few more spins.


The ‘En Prison’ Rule

This little-known rule applies to even-money bets only.  These are the ones that include red or black, odd or even, and the first and second halves of the boards.  They do not include the zero or double zero at all.  The ‘en prison’ rule, observed by some casinos, allow the player to take back half their bet or leave them (en prison) for the next spin if the ball lands in the zero slot.  If the bet is left on the table for the next spin, which happens to be zero again, then the player loses the bet and cannot take back half or let it ride.


The ‘La Partage’ Rule

Similar to ‘en prison’, the ‘la partage’ rule only applies when the ball lands on the zero for even-money bets.  In this case, the player is able to recuperate half of their bet, and does not have the option of letting it ride into the next spin.  In doing so, the casino’s edge on even-money bets is cut in half.


Minimum Bet Rules

It is essential for players to clarify all minimum bet rules before starting to play.  Each casino uses different ones.  Before making a foolish bet, it is important for players to read up on house rules or inquire about them.  Some casinos have the same minimum on the inside and outside.  This means that the minimum bet applies to any combination of inside bets or one category on the outside.  The inside bets can be spread out, whereas the outside ones have to be placed only in one box, so to speak.

Instead of having the same minimum on the inside and outside, some casinos will set different ones between the two areas.  For instance, there may be a $5.00 minimum on the inside, but a $3.00 one on the outside.

On the other hand, some casinos will set different rules that are unique to their system.  An example includes the same minimum on the inside as the outside unless bets in both areas are made at the same time.  In this case, if the player wants to make only an inside bet or only an outside bet, they need to observe the minimum of $5.00, for example.  If the player wants to place bets on the inside AND the outside, then the minimum on the outside is $5.00, but the outside is only $1.00.

Knowing what to look for and inquire about before sitting down and placing bets at a roulette table can help prolong the entertainment while trying to wallow in luck.  Awareness of these lesser-known rules can help players in some cases, and it never hurts to find out what they are.  You never know when they can help turn the tables and provide wins.

John Catoe deals at a casino roulette table. He loves to share his top tips for roulette play on casino and gaming blogs.

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